Compostela City Council has launched Santiauga, a pilot scheme to promote the consumption of tap water in the city’s bars and restaurants.

The scheme will initially be introduced in 25 establishments over a period of some months. The possibility of extending the project to a larger number of affiliated businesses will then be considered, based on consumers’ response to the initiative.

The aim of this scheme is to guarantee more sustainable and environmentally-friendly water consumption, whilst encouraging residents who are less accustomed to drinking this type of water to change their habits.

The City Council is convinced that drinking Compostela tap water is the best option in terms of quality, sustainability, price and health. Thanks to the strict controls, our water boasts exceptional quality standards. What’s more, it contributes to protecting the environment, as consuming this water has a minimal impact on the environment.


If you manage an establishment interested in joining the project, please fill the commitment form and email it to

You can now find Santiauga at: