Concello de Santiago de Compostela

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Santiago de Compostela is a World Heritage City, pilgrimage destination, cultural capital and example of historical, urban and environmental regeneration, which attracts thousands of visitors due to its singularity.
Santiago, the capital of Galicia, is also a centre of institutional services, with a privileged location on the Atlantic Axis. The city also has a deep-rooted university tradition, which supplies innovative business initiatives with technological and scientific resources.

Setting the city

Good Prospects

Information about employment, business, markets and investment.

For Equality

Description of policies on integration, women, immigration and the elderly.

The People’s City

Events are organised in the fields of education, associations and sports.

Green and Inhabitable

Town planning, the environment and transport, keys to development.

Cultural Capital

Promotion and diffusion initiatives regarding Galician language, culture and festivals.


The Fire Brigade, Police Force and Civil Defence look after public safety.


How to get there?

Information about reaching Santiago. Find out about the main access routes and transport services.

Street map

Plan of the main streets and places of interest for visitors. To find your way around.


Send a postcard to your friends and relatives so they can enjoy the wonder of Santiago.

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